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February Tips for California Gardens

The best times to plant in California are the Fall and the Spring. The nights are still cool but the ground is warming up, which make this a perfect time for new plants to establish themselves.

Get Blooming Plants for Color
Do you have some bare spots that need color? Any plants that are in bloom (or about to bloom) at the nursery will do well at this time of year. Almost anything that you wanted to plant in the Fall but didn’t have time can be planted now.

Last Chance to Prune
Dormant roses and fruit trees should be pruned right away since they will be budding soon. Pruning will maximize their budding potential.

Fertilize Citrus Trees
February and July are the best months to fertilize citrus trees.

Plant Strawberries
February is a great time to plant strawberries. Place them in raised beds with heavily amended soil to allow for good drainage; mulch with hay (I like alfalfa hay) or plastic, which keeps the fruit clean and avoids rot.

Apply Herbicides
To prevent crabgrass and other annual warm weather weeds in lawns, apply pre-emergent herbicides to prevent the bad seeds from germinating.

Good February Vegetables:
Start as Seeds: beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, endive, kayle, kohlrabi, leeks, head and leaf lettuce (and any other salad greens), onions, parsnip, pea, potato, radish, spinach, Swiss chard, and turnip.  
Start as Small Plants: broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower (cole crops) 


Antiques: A Modern Day Treasure Hunt 

The demand for antiques is on a dramatic decline as today’s designs trend toward the modern. For this reason, many of the longstanding antique dealers are closing their doors, even after decades of business.

Many of us in the design industry are sad to see valuable pieces overlooked. This shift in the market has brought the price of antiques to an unprecedented low–in some cases to half of their earlier price. Recently, I saw a beautiful French armoire in perfect condition that would have easily cost $25,000 before this change, but was currently priced at $7000! If I had a place for it, I would have bought it on the spot. I recently purchased a buffet for $2400 that could have sold for $8000 in past years.

Now is the best time to purchase that long-coveted wood piece for your home. Antiques can make a beautiful statement, even in a modern design, as they bring warmth to a space that could become industrial and cold.

Purchasing antiques can be tricky as some pieces are constructions of other antiques. This won’t be a problem as long as proper documentation is provided and the price is appropriate. Always seek out professional help as this is a purchase that can become a family heirloom. Like art, antiques are an investment. Imago Design is here to help you find the perfect antique for your home.